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    What Do We Offer for Our Stock Broking Services

  1. Cash Account (Trading Account)

    Cash account works just like your debit card. You may only buy shares based on your available funds.

    Trading Account

  2. Shariah Global Trading

    Trade shares available in USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore market. Brokerage rate minimum RM140 @ 0.6%. Cash upfront RM15,000 before any purchases. Offline trade.

    Shariah Global Trading

  3. IPO Interim Shariah Status

    Apply for new IPO with peace of mind. We provide interim Shariah status exclusively for our client.

    IPO Interim Shariah Status

  4. Margin Financing

    Based on the Murabahah contract. Financing amount minimum RM30,000 and up to RM5 million. Profit margin rate from 9.75%. Tenure: 90 days/3 months, extansion of time will be considered subject to terms and conditions.

    Margin Financing

  5. Short Term Margin Financing

    Based on the Murabahah contract. Minimum limit RM5,000. Profit margin from 9.75%, will be waived if settle within T+10. Financing period 30 days per purchase contract.

    Short Term Margin Financing

  6. BIMBSec Research Market Insight

    We always keep you updated with our daily reports.


  7. BIMBSec Trading Signal(BTS)

    Received daily BTS from our certified chartist!

    Trading Signal