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Stockbroking Services

  1. Open a CDS Account and a Trading Account

    To open both accounts, you are required to come over to our office to fill up the relevant forms or you can reach out to your remisiers and they will assist in this account opening process.

    For opening of a Trading Account, please use the following form:

    a) Individual Account: Click HERE to download the required form.

    b) Corporate Account: Click HERE to download the required form.

  2. Engage with a licensed Dealer's Representative to transact in shares.
  3. To buy shares, you must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the shares as well as the transaction costs. Your CDS account will be credited with the shares bought. All payments must be settled by 12.30 pm on T+2 (T = Transaction day).
  4. To sell shares, you must already have the shares in your CDS account. Your CDS account will be debited and you will receive payments by 12.30 pm on T+2.
  5. BIMB Securities will issue a buy or sell contract note giving details of transactions such as brokerage, stamp duty and clearing fee payable as well as the cost of purchase or proceed of the sales to be dispatched to investors/clients on T+1 day.